Greene Consulting

Greene Consulting is an Information Technology firm that offers consulting expertise in a wide range of technology practice areas.

Software Development ° Project Management ° IT Department Operations ° Networking ° IT Security

About Greene Consulting

Our systems professionals offer a unique blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. With clients ranging in size from small businesses to some of the largest corporations in the United States, our consultants consistently provide clients with a level of service and commitment that is rarely encountered with other consulting companies.

In order to take advantage of emerging business opportunities in today's world, companies need to apply technology effectively in order to gain a competitive advantage. Greene Consulting personnel understand that technology solutions are only valuable when they facilitate improvements in the ability of a company to improve the way that the business operates. The pursuit of technology for the sake of technology is a costly mistake that very few businesses can afford to make.

From providing complete network solutions, to handling software development projects, to large project management, Greene Consulting is a one-stop source for solutions. Team members cross technology areas and share ideas constantly. This cross-functional cooperation can be hard to find with some companies that do not provide complete solutions. With our fully integrated solutions and skill sets, Greene Consulting personnel rarely face situations where they cannot answer questions or solve problems quickly and effectively.

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