Greene Consulting

Greene Consulting offers the following services

Greene Consulting professionals have been developing software on a variety of platforms for many years.  Ranging from mid-range computer-based systems to client/server and web-based applications, our staff has developed and deployed software for companies of all sizes.

We can handle your needs, from integrating small applications into existing software to developing large-scale, custom solutions.  Both on-site and remote programming support is available. Let us apply our knowledge and experience to your business problems.

Many companies spend large amounts of money on systems related projects.  Unfortunately, projects often result in cost and time overruns due to the projects being poorly managed.  Establishing time lines and milestones while managing the people and technology associated with the project can be a difficult hurdle for many people.

At Greene Consulting, our staff has experience running large projects.  Ranging from software development projects to facility relocations, we have the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete projects.  We understand the requirements and demands of frequent status reporting and are completely comfortable managing people even during difficult and aggressive projects.  Let our skills and experience simplify your project management.

In today's work place, staffing issues are a huge problem for most companies.  It is often necessary for organizations to supplement or replace their existing staff with external resources.  Many businesses want to avoid the constant turnover that can result from having an internal Information Systems staff as well as the never ending bidding war for skilled workers. Greene Consulting understands the issues facing businesses in regard to staffing. 

Our services range from help desk and desktop support to full departmental management.  With experience running the Information Systems departments for both small companies with no systems staff to handling departmental management for large multi-national corporations, we can solve your human resources problems.

Greene Consulting professionals offer a wide variety of network services to clients.  Design, installation, and troubleshooting of both local and wide area networks are performed with an eye toward perfection. Having implemented networks ranging in size from a few computers in a small remote office to enterprise-wide networks hosting hundreds of devices, our staff is experienced in all manner of implementations.  

A network installed or monitored by Greene Consulting is a network that is a consistently reliable performer.  We treat your network as if it were our own.

The corporate world has evolved into using systems as a normal course of business.  Unfortunately, the increase in the use of electronic systems has not seen an increase in the expertise of system-related security. Technical and business articles constantly outline the failures of a variety of security measures at corporations. 

Damage to a company's reputation and bottom-line by electronic theft/sabotage has never been more of a risk. Combine the exposure risks with the intricacies of electronic security and the potential for loss is very high. Most companies do not possess the internal knowledge required to provide for tight security. Oftentimes, the very fact that the security resources are internal employees provides even more risk.  The majority of systems-related crime is perpetrated by internal employees.

Greene Consulting security professionals can provide the expertise to a client that is typically not available internally.  Our professionals can also provide security audits of internal controls to ensure that illegal or immoral activity is not taking place.